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Each cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid have different boiling points that are generally higher than the solvents used to extract them. If higher temperatures are used to evaporate off solvents, the boiling points of the desired compounds should be high enough that they will be safe from evaporation or degradation. Different variables such as run time or pressure can be adjusted to compensate for products that are heat sensitive.


710 Spirits
710 Spirits is a blended product of high purity heptane and ethanol. The boiling point to start evaporating off the solvent is a range from 80 ˚C to 98 ˚C to account for each solvent. Since this is a range, different factors can be adjusted to ensure the solvent is evaporated off appropriately. Time, temperature and pressure can affect the evaporation rate and how much solvent is evaporated off.

Heptane is a high purity, nonpolar, organic solvent. It has a higher boiling point at 98 ˚C and creates the higher boiling end point for the 710 Spirits. According to the Certificate of Analysis for 710 Spirits, the heptane does evaporate off and follows regulations for the end products. Different variables can affect the rate and volume of heptane removed, such as pressure, temperature, and time.

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Ethanol is a food grade, polar, organic solvent. It has a lower boiling point at 80 ˚C, so it can start boiling and evaporating off faster than n-heptane. This solvent contributes to the lower end of the boiling point range for 710 Spirits. Evaporating off the solvent will require lower temperatures but again can be effected by temperature, pressure and time.

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