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Alcohol extraction of cannabis has been done for centuries. Cannabinoids have excellent solubility in lower alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol, provided that the water content of the alcohol is low. Ethanol tinctures of cannabis are a part of the Pharmacopeia, and before prohibition, were readily available for various ailments.
While many lower alcohols can be used for efficient extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis, ethanol is the preferred solvent, since it is relatively non-toxic. Typically, the cannabis is put into a filtration device, and room temperature or slightly colder ethanol is passed through. The ethanol must dehydrated to dissolve the cannabinoids effectively: higher amounts of water reduce the solubility of the cannabinoids and lower the amount extracted. At 80 proof (40% alcohol), very little oil is extracted, due to the much lower solubility of cannabinoids in this water-heavy solvent system.

After extraction, the ethanol is evaporated leaving the cannabis oil as a residue. Heat and vacuum are then applied to remove residual ethanol. While this is highly effective, it is an inefficient process. A large amount of the expensive dehydrated ethanol is needed and the evaporation and purging of ethanol makes this cannabis extraction method a time-consuming process.

The Escet Method solves the issues surrounding ethanol use, in particular by employing low proof alcohol (vodka) and eliminating the evaporation step. Our safe, rugged method produces concentrate for all post extraction applications.

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