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The purpose of this SOP is to provide a process for OHS Incident Reporting and Investigation.

2. Approval

Managing Director

3. Definitions

Dangerous Occurrence means an occurrence as defined in Appendix 2, Section 5B.

Close Call refers to an incident that results in either no injury or a minor injury but
generates an immediate response of “…that was close!” The intention is to capture an
incident where there is/was a reasonable expectation that the outcome could have been an
MTI, LTI or notifiable occurrence including a fatality, but for the intervention of luck.

Lost time incident (LTI) refers to the loss of one day or one shift due to an incident at

Incident means an event leading to an injury or adverse health effect to an individual, a
‘near miss, or ‘dangerous occurrence’.


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Medical Treatment means treatment by a registered medical practitioner to treat a
disease or disorder. It does not include observations, counselling, non-prescription
medication or diagnostic procedures (x-rays or blood tests) that result in no findings.

Near Miss means an incident that may have led to an injury or adverse health effect to an
individual, but did not through the intervention of luck.

Risk means the likelihood or probability that a hazard may cause harm.

Risk Assessment means a process that seeks to identify hazards; then determine the level
of risk by taking into account the likelihood that someone will be injured or something
damaged by the hazard, the frequency of contact or exposure to the hazard, the level of
exposure (eg number of people, amount/degree/extent of exposure to noise, chemicals,
etc), pattern of exposure (eg continuous, intermittent etc) and the adequacy of any existing
control measures.

Risk Control means the use of measures to control the risk to an acceptable level.

Significant Incident means an incident that is a close call, a medical treatment incident
(as defined above), a lost time incident or requires notification to WorkSafe as detailed in
Appendix 2 paragraph 5.

WorkSafe Notifiable Incident means an incident that requires notification to WorkSafe
as detailed in Appendix 2 paragraph 5

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