CO2 supercritical extraction of cannabis: Solubility data of CBD, CBG, CBN

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The experimental solubility data of CBD, CBG and CBN in CO2 are shown in Table 1.
The maximum standard deviation was 0.0015 x 10-4
. Figure 2 represents the solubility
data of the 4 considered cannabinoids in this study, i.e. 9-THC, CBD, CBG and CBN,
at 327 K.
Table 1: Molar solubility (x) of CBD, CBG and CBN at different temperatures and pressures

For all these cannabinoids, the solubility increases with a pressure increase. 9-THC
has the lowest solubility.

The solubility increases in the following order:


CBN has the most stable molecular structure and less polar OH groups available. Therefore, this compound is less polar than the other cannabinoids, which explains the higher solubility in CO2. CBG has the highest molecular weight, therefore it seems to be logical that its solubility is lower than the solubility of CBD and CBN.

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Figure 3: Solubility data of THC, CBD, CBN and CBG at 327 K
As the solubility of the various cannabinoids is different at the same temperature and
pressure, it should be possible to get extracts with different cannabinoid amounts at
different conditions.


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