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One could say that White Ryder’s buds are a mirror version of White Widow. Each are close to looking white, coated thickly in sugary trichomes. Both are also potent with Ryder exhibiting up to 24% THC. If any, the major difference between the two are its genes. The latter is Sativa-leaning while the former is predominantly Indica.

Another distinction is its auto-flowering nature. Unlike the photoperiodic White Widow, White Ryder has an independent light cycle. It is also easy to grow due to its sturdiness and high resistance to certain plant problems.


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There are also its effects. White Ryder has a more body-centered high that has stress-crushing comfort at its heart. It soothes the mind and calms worries while also soothing the physique with its comforting massage. Users could use the bud recreationally or as a source of therapeutic relief.

In developing White Ryder, Riot Seeds had White Dwarf and Lowryder in mind. The former gains its name from its pure white speckles which give it the appearance of a star. Meanwhile, the latter is a stout strain with medicinal and cerebral effects. The two are auto-flowering strains.

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