Blood types and their percentages among humans

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Blood Groups define some human’s characteristics

*Blood: is a red liquid consists of a disc shaped cells which is a concave-sided. Its job is to transfer (food and oxygen) to all parts of the body and get rid of waste products (carbon dioxide and hormones). Blood consists of plasma by 55%, white blood cells and platelets by less than 1%, and red by 45%.
Blood consists of four groups. And Table (2) shows the percentages of its existence among humans.

Blood Group A: the person of this blood type is a collaborator person who is intelligent, and has a sense of delicate, and maudlin despite his/her hiding for concern. According to that, the leadership positions do not suit him/her not because he/she is not good in doing this but by instinct. Therefore he/she needs for relaxation and focus exercises such as yoga. It is advisable to eat vegetables like beans, fruits like pineapples, and seafood for his/her digestive and immune system is sensitive and consequently will be susceptible to some diseases like diabetes, anaemia, and heart diseases. And the most famous figures are among this blood group such as Adolph Hitler and some of the United States presidents like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Johnson.

Blood Group B: persons who belong to this blood type are characterized by flexibility and creativity. And they live in a balance way, love to do exercises, eat in a balance way, and carry in their inside the essence of the modern man that strengthens over difficulties in life. They also combine the intellectual activity with a delicate sense and have harmony in addition to inner peace. As a result, that make them less tended to challenge and confront. Any imbalance leads them to difference in the functions
of the organs of the body and thus gets susceptible for diseases and rare viruses. So, it is advisable to eat all kinds of food but in a balanced way. The holders of this blood group form the vast majority of the peoples of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

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Blood Group (AB): holders of this blood group are called spirituals because they gently receive all kinds of life and without any negative perception of the consequences which will happen due to this. And they are the most charming and exciting people which may sometimes fall them in an emotional problems. It is advisable to avoid eating red meats and beans. And it is advisable to eat fish, vegetables, and milk products. It also advisable to do mild sport with long walk on feet mild as well as
cycling and swimming. Among the most famous figures in this category are John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

Blood Group (O): the holders of this blood type are having in their lives physical and personal strength,
stamina, self-reliance, courage, pursuit of success, leadership features, power, and optimism. And they are advise to do all kinds of sports especially the combat ones. In addition, it suit them all kinds of food as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and they are advised to focus on proteins. Among the most prominent figures of this category are U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the seventh Soviet Union
President Mikhail Gore Bachev, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles.


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