Cannabis strains and THC and CBD levels

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Cannabis strains and THC and CBD levels.

There are currently 3 types of cannabis that are characterized by having a different
composition due to their THC and CBD concentration levels.

Cannabis medical analysis

Currently variety of authors covers the issue of the appropriateness of the use of
cannabis in the medicinal field, because to seem to be promising to use cannabis
in modern medicine.

According to the above, some authors conclude that one of its major applications
should focus on therapeutic medicine, in addition to be used for the treatment of
neurodegenerative diseases. Highlights the good results to the use of cannabis as
an analgesic.

Rick Simpson elaborated a protocol to treat cancer and other diseases which do
not possess a definite treatment in her medicine today. Which promotion tests in
living beings (albino rats) which found that the cannabis works better than how
anti-inflammatory indomethacin.

Similarly, there are currently few authors who considered cannabis must not be
applied to the medical area, due to the fact that the use of cannabis is still
associated with the stigma of the recreational consumption.

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Analysis type of cannabis

Sativa cannabis contains levels more THC high, in comparison to cannabis indica
containing higher levels of CBD. While the ruderalis contain lower levels in
cannabinoid compounds.

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