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CFS evaluated 40 hemp CBD companies to compare product policies and practices regarding three categories: (1) Hemp Farming and Organic Certification; (2) Processing; and (3) Testing/ Auditing. Survey results and independent research were used to create an industry scorecard that assesses the practices and commitments of hemp CBD companies on farming, processing, testing,and transparency.

When scoring companies, CFS evaluated,among other things:

How many products are certified organic or made with organic ingredients;
Which products use ethanol/alcohol versus CO2 during processing;
Which companies test for the presence of glyphosate or heavy metals such as
lead,and microbiological contaminants;
Which companies are clearly and openly conveying information about their
production practices to consumers.

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Surveys were sent via surface mail and email.In addition to reviewing company responses
to the survey, CFS reviewed company websites and other publicly available information
on company practices.At least two follow up emails and at least one follow up phone
call were made in cases where companies did not respond to the survey. Some companies
had inactive phone numbers and mailing addresses which made it difficult to contact
them.In cases where survey responses were not clear,CFS followed up with clarification
questions via email or phone. In total, companies had 31 days to respond to CFS survey
questions. All survey responses were self-reported. CFS did not ask for official
documentation proving certain company claims, however, this is something we will
implement in future scorecards.The scores in this report are based on survey and website
research as of August 29, 2019.

The scorecard is intended to help consumers make educated choices about the products
they use and encourage companies in this industry to improve their production and
sourcing policies. Companies were scored based on criteria described in the Appendix
which is weighted according to various fact

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Continue at:  https://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/files/final-cbd-report-for-web_09011.pdf

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