Tips and Tricks to Prevent Contamination in Your Grow Facility

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This tutorial article addresses some typical sources of pathogen and pest contamination in grow
facilities and provides practical advice on how to reduce the associated risks by using some best
practices. It discusses preventive measures directed at minimizing the breeding grounds for
fungi and bacteria inside the grow facility, limiting the spread of existing contaminations, and
implementing sanitary measures at and around the entrances. The latter include controlling the
presence and proliferation of other plant species growing nearby, some of which may be common
garden vegetables.

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There are certain tips and tricks a grower can use to prevent or limit the spreading of contamination with pests or pathogens in the grow facility. Some of those are simply about avoiding common mistakes, while others require some fi nancial investment and labor to implement. The latter group may be particularly appropriate for larger facilities, where a widespread contamination can be particularly devastating. The following tips and tricks are divided into three groups, based on the place or time of their use. The fi rst group is about the area surrounding the grow facility and involves preparations to be done prior to starting the grow inside, as well as ongoing measures to be carried out throughout operation. The second group focuses on preventing contamination inside the facility, while the third one is about limiting one that has already been found. A short rationale is also provided for each case.

Tips and Tricks for Outside the Grow Facility

• Regularly cut grass and minimize other vegetation (such as shrubs) around the facility. This practice
limits the breeding grounds for insects and pathogens in places from where they can get inside most easily. It is particularly important to follow in rural and suburban areas.

• Do not plant cucurbits (pumpkin, squash, cucumbers, zucchini) anywhere near the facility. This family
of plants is particularly known to harbor certain insects and pathogens that can easily jump hosts
to cannabis, hence the recommendation.



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