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The purpose of this document is to educate cannabis business licensees on the security requirements
associated with their business operations. Your Security Plan should address each element of this
document that applies to your business and explain how you intend to meet these requirements.

Licensees are required to develop and maintain an adequate Security Plan that must be approved by the Cannabis Licensing Official. The purpose of the Security Plan is to prevent unauthorized diversion of cannabis material, protect the health, safety, and welfare of workers and the public, restrict access to legal consumers, and deter trespass and theft of cannabis or cannabis products. Your Security Plan should include clear, succinct, and measurable processes to address security at your site.

During development of your Security Plan, you should consider and include security measures related to product development, sourcing, transportation of product, and customer safety. Additionally, your Security Plan should consider and protect people outside your location who could be the victim of a crime because you are in possession of cannabis. As part of this, you must ensure cannabis waste is disposed of in a manner consistent with federal, state, and local laws so that the cannabis waste is destroyed properly and rendered unusable. To the extent applicable, your Security Plan should include additional strategies for onsite protection from power outages, fire, chemical spills, and address other applicable issues such as storage, access control, credentialing, security officers, cameras, alarms, and internal theft.

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