Precision ASE 100 – Automated Solvent Evaporator Overview – Cannabis & Hemp Solvent Recovery System

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In this video Precision’s CTO, Nick Tennant gives an in-depth overview of the ASE 100 – Automated Solvent Evaporator. This solvent recovery system was built specifically for the cannabis and hemp industries. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, the ASE 100 is the solution to a myriad of issues faced by traditional methods of solvent recovery. The ASE 100’s proprietary recovery method provides optimal efficiency, with recovery rates of up to 100 liters per hour of ethanol recovery at 98.6% efficiency. The ASE 100 replaces the need for six or more rotary evaporators and multiple operators with one easy-to-use system, thereby greatly reducing overall operating expenses.


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The ASE 100 solvent recovery system is fully programmable via a PLC that is connected to a C1D1 approved tablet, all of which can be monitored remotely via a cloud connection.   How it Works: Crude oil is pumped through the ASE 100 via a feed pump into a recycling heater and separator loop that gently heats the oil until it enters the gas phase. The oil collects in the separator while the solvent transfers into the condenser column where it is converted back into liquid form and pumped out for efficient recovery. Lastly, the solvent-free crude is collected from the separator column. Running the entire unit under vacuum cuts down on unnecessary heat and chilling power and protects the crude from exposure to high temperatures.   Optimal recovery with the ASE 100 requires a 10-ton chiller specified and provided by Precision®, or you have the option of using process water that meets the ASE 100’s operating specifications. * Solvent evaporator and recovery system * Proprietary recovery method designed for high efficiency * 98.6% ethanol recovery * Highly durable construction – built to last * Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in USA  * PLC controlled with tablet and remote monitoring capabilities * Professional engineer stamped and approved * Full human-machine interface with touch screen




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