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Abstract. Agriculture (including hemp production and processing) is one of the
industries subject to risks due to changing weather conditions, diseases, pests and volatile
market prices on inputs and products produced. However, the use of risk assessment
methodologies in hemp production and in agriculture as a whole are not widespread. This
article aims to reflect the preliminary results of the risk evaluation in hemp production and
processing. The following tasks were set to reach this aim: to analyze the risk evaluation
methodology and risk calculation methodology; to determine and systematize risks in hemp
production and to carry out a preliminary evaluation for risks in hemp production using semiquantitative evaluation. For the evaluation purposes the hemp production is divided in five
stages – preparation of soil and sowing of hemp; growing of hemp; hemp harvesting; hemp
processing; and selling of the produced output. The evaluation of risks was done within a
system of 18 risks, divided in six main groups – agro-meteorological; technological and
production; personnel; environment; legislative; economic, and market risks. The results
indicate that the highest risk level in the entire hemp production and processing process was
specific to the group of personnel risks, whereas the lowest – to the group of environmental

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