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Hemp is Cannabis Sativa. This is the same plant as marijuana. To be considered
hemp the plants must have less than 0.3% THC (on a dry weight basis).

The cultivation of cannabis takes many forms. Marijuana is typically cultivated
indoors and propagated by cutting “clones” from “mother” plants. Hemp (for
CBD) is typically grown outdoors and started from seed.


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When cultivating hemp for CBD extraction (as opposed to hemp grown for fiber
or seed) it is necessary to cultivate an all female crop. Currently much of the
hemp being grown for CBD is started in greenhouses to allow male plants to be
identified and removed prior to planting outdoors.

“Feminized” genetics are being developed that will allow planting seeds directly
outdoors in a large scale agricultural model and minimizing the male plants in
the crop.

The following slide depicts the evolution of the Cannabis / CBD cultivation


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