The Facts of CBD Oil and the relation with your sex life The Facts of CBD Oil and the relation with your sex life

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CBD-oil, or cannabis oil is becoming more and more known with the large public. The oil is used to sleep better, relieve stress, fear and pain. Because the growing popularity of CBD, the number of facts and fables is also increasing. Before we hop on to our main topic (CBD oil and our sex life) lets first clarify one an other about CBD oils and the facts and fables.

#1. CBD-oil and weed oil are the same? FABLE

Weed and hemp plants are not the same but do come from the same cannabis family. Therefore they are both medical cannabis plants. When someone reads cannabis, it can be both for hemp oil or cbd oil. The biggest and most important differences between hemp and weed plants is that hemp plants consist of not much THC and a lot of CBD. Weed plants do have a lot of THC and less CBD.

THC is the main part of making someone high. CBD could diminish this effect and even assures from removing the effect as a whole and does not has a psychoactive effect. You cannot get high from this. Oil with THC is not legal and made while CBD oil in The Netherlands and other European countries is legalized. From these substances there is said that it can have a great benefit on medical applications. This means it also can beneficial to your sex life. Because of this both oils are named medical cannabis oil. You can get weed oil in several instances on recipe. At this very moment, you can only get this on prescription on mentioned places by your government.

#2. CBD can reduce health issues. FACT

There is a growing popularity in people which use CBD-oil for different medical complaints. An example is a popular product with people who have health issues known as fibromyalgia and other painful complaints that are caused by muscle diseases and rheumatism. There are also some positive responses for epilepsy, sleeping disorders, psychological problems and even with cancer. Be aware though; CBD-oil does not cure these diseases, they can only help in diminishing the symptoms that cause pain regarding these diseases and can diminish the side effects of these complaints. There are situations knows whereby people, in good consult with their doctor can even build of their medication, partly or all away.

They feel more energetic, have less pain complaints and the sleeping quality has improved. If you want to try CBD-oil your self, it is however a good way to first consult with your doctor, so that you can be assured that there is no side effect from other drugs or medicine. Although there are some positive effect and also scientifically studies that show the benefits of CBD-oil. Always consult with a doctor first. The number one issue regarding your sex life, we will discuss in more detail after our introduction of our facts and fables.

#3. CBD-oil works on everyone. FABLE

Unfortunately we will have to tell your that CBD-oil is not a miracle drug that works on everyone in the world. So, there are people which CBD-oil will have a low to no effect. This could be the case, for example; everybody responds differently on food supplements. It is a matter of trying, before you can experience what it can do for you. The thing we would recommend doing is that you should start with a low doses of CBD-oil. Start with two drops a day, to start with and to slowly build until you find a sufficient and effective doses or you. It can take a while, before the CBD-oil will gain its effect, so give it a few weeks of your time before you decide it is it, for you. CBD-oil is available in different concentrations, from 2,5% to 10%, hereby 5% is mostly used. Sometimes it could help in changing the concentration; so try to start with the most regular 5%. The lowest doses are mostly used for kids and animals.

#4. Every CBD-oil is the same type. FABLE

A lot of people think that every CBD-oil are the same, and only the price will differentiate. But there are some huge differences, especially in the production process, the concentration of the oil are based on C02-extraction (raw CBD-oil). The basis of raw CBD-oil is a vezel hennep-extract which can have active ingredients with help of CO-2 extraction sucked out of plant material, which is mostly used; mixing the whole henna plant. CO-2 does not only takes care about the CBD oil being extracted from plant based material, but also adepts, fats, sugars, leafs and other plant substances.

Because of this, CBD-oils also have cannabinoids, like for example CBDA and CBN. A CBD CO-2 extract, consists of approximately a third of waxes, were you can make paste out of. This paste is thinned, to be used in a drop form. Cheaper brands even use olive or kooks oils to mix the CBD oil. In some cases a laboratory even figured that water was mixed with the CBD-oil.

– The raw CBD oil

This all implies that some relatively cheap production methods are still being used, and cause a huge price difference in the CBD-oil. The more expensive brands often choose hemp seed oil which is beneficial to the quality and usefullness of the oil. Raw CBD-oil tastes a little sharp and bitter, because hemp has a taste of nature.

– Biological CBD-oil and extractions

Biological CBD-oil based on oil extraction. The biological CBD-oil is made of only the tops of the hemp plants and has a different extraction method for use; the oil extraction. With this, the oil will be heated longer and a more clearer CBD will be made. These are the most raw and pure form of CBD. Like we have said; the extraction method are only made from the tops of the plant, because the cannabis oil is also another great product. The result is a more clear oil and a great and pure oil which exists of only CBD; the working parts have a soft and nutty taste.

#5 The variations in CBD-oil

The indication of something being organic or biological implies that something is protected in most countries and can only be used when a brand has protected for and by SKAL. This institution is executed by the government and there will be an audit every year for everyone who sells bio and organically products. The trade, production and import of biological products are audited. The term biological or organic is often misused and let them see that SKAL-stamp is very important.

– How to discover fake CBD-oil

You will also have to be cautious for fake. Bio-chemicus and cannabis researcher Dr. Arno Hazekamp State. There are enough bottles of CBD oil which is send to them and are not biological, but conventional. A research even showed that even bottles consisted with salad oil with a color which is the same as CBD. Good suppliers let their oil be tested at a lab to be sure the quality they sell is pure. Analyses of their oil can be provided; so they can assure the same specs that are on the label of the CBD oil for the shop.

– CBD oil and your sex life.

We have clarified the facts and the different kinds of CBD oil out there. Now we can go on with our main topic; CBD and the effect on your sex life. For many people, taking the time for your partners to be intimate can be challenging already. But the taking time part is more an issue of the brain than really taking time for each other. Many couples are working and living busy a busy life. Throw on top of this, social media and you have no time to clear your mind and relax for a bit. Even wen you do not qualify yourself in one of these two categories, who does not wants to have an intimate time and relaxed sex?

– The answer for your busy life!

CBD could be the answer to this; a more intimate experience with your partner. It could even have a chance to relax when having sex and to experience a greater pleasure went doing IT. It does not mean that it should be a forces scenario. You should not plan a full evening to focus on having sex with CBD oil, it should be a holistic approach. CBD can have a natural and discreet effect and should be a part of your sex life. It has many applications, it is available as liquid oil and capsule form; for every user there is a suitable method.

#6 CBD oil and the chemical reaction

The chemical connection between human orgasm and a cannabis plant. How can cannabis be linked in any way how we feel and the chemical reactions that take place when we get an erection or when we actually come. The answer lies in what every human being has on their body. The endocannabinoide (ECS) system. This is a complex network of different veins that run throw the body and brains. It is present in every vital organ. Are these veins key in having the positive effects of CBD oil? The answer is yes; these veins run through your body and make the same effect when you are having sex; CBD oil only causes this effect to be greater.

– The great effect of the ECS system

It is the manipulation of the endocannabinoide (ECS) system that triggered the interest of several scientists around the world. An experiment conducted in the journal of sexual medicine last year, investigated the values from endocannabinoide (ECS) system with healthy male and female subjects before and after mastrubation until the actual orgasm. Endocannabinoide are from nature produced by our own body. Interesting is that scientists figured a way were this substance can be improved during this scientifically investigation.

– The chemical sexual reaction

The scientists concluded that every endocannabinoide system indeed has a key role in the human sexual reaction. A small site note; there is more research necessary of what actually happens when we encounter sexual pleasure. Manipulation of this response is also caused by endocannabinoide and could stimulate the process. This will make the users capable of exposing the rewards reaction of humans on a chemical way.

#7 How will you last longer?

The endocannabinoide and CBD oil. The complexity of the just mentioned system comes down to what can really be manipulated. Stimulation happens through our whole system, but also strongly caused by CBD oil. The complexity of the system comes down to what can actually be stimulated. Every receptor is responsible for different chemical reactions. They also respond, both, depending on the location and the body to CBD oil. These reactions are known to stimulate when there is a reward or sexual drift and an orgasm. This will make men last longer when having sex and because there is such a strong reaction, they will also go become hard faster when taking CBD oil. This research shows us that the endocannabinoide system facilitates with the pleasure seeking of sex.

– The ins and outs of CBD-oil, what do you need to know?

CBD oil will also ease sexual fear and stress. Understanding what CBD oil is, would only be the start. What practical applications does it has on your sexual life? Does it really easy sexual fear and stress? The feeling of being stressed brings a lot of emotion. Fear, worried and self-consciousness will all take place someday in everyones life. Making sure that you know your are stressed and are fully aware of this; take CBD oil to relieve the stress. After this, your sex life will never be the same. So remember; CBD oil is not only good for your sex life, it also releases stress and other medical conditions which we mentioned before.

CBD is a fytocannabisoid which in some situations appears. The fytocannabisoid is known to release stress. It however also contains some psychoactive properties that can be associated with THC. For many people sexual experiences under the influences of these attributes, are far from ideal. For many a sexual experience under the influence is not ideal at all. With CBD, participants contains full control, but without the fears that come with it.

– They key to success; CBD oil and the improved communication

CBD oil betters the communication and life thoughts. The ECS plays a major role in pleasant experiences. Even some sexual experiences create seduction. A successful interaction between the two is what many people describe as: being in the mood for it. This really means that people want to have sex or have sexual activity already. Like the name suggests; the SIS is to take care of the sex rive, which can really stimulate. A better communication causes indirectly also for more intimate and more powerful desires.

Stress on the other hand causes and improved stress which is killing for your sex life. It also stimulates your little man there. Because CBD oil has a lot of great attributes, it is also a great medicine to get your little man up again. An erection problem van be caused by a weak blood pressure or circulation and tissue damage. A possible cause of an erection problem is a toxin which enters your penis. With help on your diet and also the place you life, a toxin can be removed from the body again. It is only more beneficial for your body to first use CBD oil. Your body can get stimulate by using CBD oil and getting used to it. It will damage the fat cells and make sure the feeling to the penis is better and improves.

– CBD oil and the effect on the brain

There are several cases which can have an effect on someones sex life. CBD can improve the intimacy between two partners and can relieve stress and pain, while it gives rest to spirit and improves clarity. The burden of a daily life can have a great impact on your sex life. A growing number of people are saying they have problems in the bedroom at night. You can improve your sex life significantly with a small bottle of CBD on your night desk.

CBD oil does not contain any toxic substances and is an excellent product to better the intimate doses. Do not worry about the doses, you can use a small doses every time. You should however also read about how to consume the oil for improving your sex life. You could smoke it, make it edible like a capsule or oil, or you can use it as a balsam. Because CBD is an anxiolutocum, it will lighten the natural stress and fear of people.

Because of this, the mind and spirit are overwhelmed by anti depressive thoughts. The brains however filter these thoughts out of your system. CBD only causes psychoactive effects when the user of CBD oil takes other medication or drugs; this is why we always tell you to first consult with your doctor before making the choice of taking drugs yourself.

#8 Scientifically evidence & CBD

There are some great reports that are collected with people in the age of 30-50 that use CBD oil and the most important they experiences are taken over by us in this article:

#1 Man tell there frequently in organisms did improve significantly

#2 Females are having an orgasm more easily

#3 Male and females are more open for lust, and are more attracted to their partner

#9 CBD oil increases lust & sexual spirit

CBD oil and sexual spirit. When we are having sex; blood runs to the penis and the vagina become extra sensitive. A high blood pressure is not beneficial for your sex life at all. It even prevents from blood pouring to the penis, which is Un beneficial. CBD in combination with sex and young people. A young man or female are sometimes insecure about contact with the other, you’re feel more calm and confident when taking CBD oil.

For the older people; the seniors it is even more beneficial. It is a blessing for their sex life. The anti-inflammatory effect can make a great difference with women in their menopause. They have pain all the time and other body insecurities they worry about all their menopause. Because CBD oil creates a better blood circulation the vagina is more wet and ready for nice sex! For the older senior male, CBD oil has the same effect. We all know what a better blood circulation does the males with a weak penis;)

The brains are connected to systems that regulate lust. The one system makes sure it does not get the overhand, the other system activates the pleasure part in the brain and because of this; also lust.

#10 So can CBD oil/cannabis oil improve your sex life? Yes, it can.


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