CBD Oil Extraction and Filtration using a Filter Press

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that has been used in a variety of medical applications including pain relief, relieving anxiety, and many other ailments. Since CBD industry is growing rapidly, the need to process larger quantities of CBD Oil. A filter press is a low-cost, effective solution to help filter CBD Oil out of a slurry of hemp and cannabis.

There are many methods to extract cannabidiol oil. Ethanol extraction is one common method which utilizes a maceration process where ground-up hemp or cannabis is mixed with a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent strips out the CBD Oil of the plant fibers, and then the maceration is run through a filter press as a slurry. The solvent is then distilled, resulting in crude cannabidiol oil. With ethanol extraction, the filter press can be clean and used to help Remove Chlorophyll by using activated carbon. This oil can then be further distilled and purified.

CO2 Extraction is another popular way to extract CBD Oil out of cannabis. During the winterization & filtration stage, a filter press can be used to Remove Lipids and Waxes. Usually, this step is done with a Buchner Funnel in the lab, but when your production grows, a filter press is the ideal piece of equipment to remove plant waxes and fatty lipids.

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Benefits of Using a Filter Press

  • Very Inexpensive Equipment
  • Safe and Easy to Operate
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Easily to Scale for Production
  • Less Power Intensive than CO2
  • Can Handle Very Cold Temperatures
  • Very Fast Extractions – Great for Distillate Products
  • Multi-Purpose Filtrations
  • Can be Built to Food Grade Specifications

Ethanol Extraction of CBD Oil

Ethanol Extraction CBD Oil Cannabis Biomass

A filter press used for Ethanol extraction can quickly and efficiently separate biomass from the crude extract. A maceration of ground-up hemp or cannabis is mixed with a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent strips out the CBD Oil of the plant fibers, and then the maceration is run through a filter press as a slurry. The biomass is captured between the plates, and the extracted cbd oil can be purified and distilled.

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Chlorophyll Removal Using a Filter Press

Chlorophyll Removal CBD Oil Extract

The same filter press that is used for Ethanol Extraction can be used to Remove Chlorophyll. After the filter press is cleaned, Activated Carbon is added as a body feed or as a filter press precoat. The extract is run through the filter press capturing the Chlorophyll and Activated Carbon.

Winterization & Filtration of C02 Extract of CBD Oil

Winterization and Filtration of CBD cannabis Extract

If you are using CO2 Extraction and a Buchner Funnel is slowing you down. A filter press will provide a better and more efficient method to remove unwanted waxes and lipids. Typically a filter aid is added to the slurry as a body feed or as a filter press precoat. This will help prevent blinding on the filter cloths. It also should be noted, that a Met-Chem Filter Press is designed to handle Very Cold Temperatures.

Filter Press and Installation Options

Met-Chem can manufacture a new filter press to help extract CBD oil. Each filter press will be designed to your specifications. The manifold and piping can be constructed using, but not limited to CPVC, Stainless Steel, and Food Grade Stainless Steel. As your business grows, our filter presses can be expanded by adding additional filter plates, reducing the need to purchase new costly equipment.

Filter Press Features

  • Plumbing can be Built using Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Filter Cloths with Your Specified CFM Rating
  • Sizeable and Expandable
  • Air Driven Hydraulic Closing Pump with Pressure Gauge on Automatic Units
  • 2 Stage Hand Pump on Manual Units
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder for Opening and Closing of Press
  • Polypro Gasketed Recessed Plates for a Leak Free Operation
  • Air Blown Manifold Piping for Air Drying Filter Cakes
  • Air Line Filter, Oiler, Regulator and Gauge on Automatic Units



Contact Met-Chem to learn more how a filter press can be used for your business.

Start-up and Installation

Met-Chem can offer start-up and installation as an additional option.  We can provide full support as you get your system up and running.  We have installation technicians and technical representatives that we can send to your facility to make sure the system is running as it should.

  • Design and build the equipment to your specifications
  • Load, ship, and unload equipment
  • Install and rig equipment in your facility
  • Electrical and plumbing connections
  • Train employees
  • Debug any issues and solve any equipment/installation troubles

All units and systems are complete with manuals and telephone support.  However, if you need someone to come to your facility, we will be happy to quote you on that as well.

Filter Presses for CBD Oil Filtration and Extraction

470mm Filter Plate

1 to 5 Cu. Ft

470mm New Filter Press
  • Automatic or Manual Hydraulic
  • 5 to 29 Gasketed Filter Plates

630mm Filter Plate

2 to 10 Cu. Ft

630mm Filter Press - 6 cu ft
  • Automatic or Manual Hydraulic
  • 7 to 34 Gasketed Filter Plates

Extract More with a Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filter Press
  • Automatic or Manual Hydraulic
  • Can Reduce Cycle Time by Approximately 50% on Average, Depending Upon the Application.
  • Ideal for Porous or Fibrous Cakes to Help Squeeze Out Extra Liquid
  • Can be Built to Food Grade Specifications

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