The Best Money-Making Apps

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Apps You Can Use to Earn Cash Quickly

Are you looking to make some extra money? As with almost everything else, there’s an app for that. Whether you’re looking for a quick, easy way to make a few extra dollars or you’d like to market your professional skills to boost your income, you can use an app to find work and get hired.

Review some of the best money-making apps you can use to generate extra income. With many of them you can start work right away, and you’ll be paid as soon as you complete the job.

How to Get Started

You may be able to apply directly on the app or you may need to register online before you can use it. Most apps have iOS and Android versions that you can download to your device. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play, follow the instructions to get started. Some apps use PayPal, so you’ll need to set up an account to get paid. Others will pay directly to a checking account or use another payment service.

Read the fine print before you register, so you know how much and when you can expect to be paid.

Apps You Can Use to Make Money

These are apps you can use to earn cash quickly. For some jobs, you’ll need a specific skill set. For others, you simply need to have the time available to complete the task.

Quick Gigs: You won’t get rich from these apps, but you can make money quickly. How much you’ll earn depends on the job, and you’ll be paid shortly after you complete the task.

  • BlueCrew
    BlueCrew provides flexible W-2 employment for hourly workers in a broad range of industries such as warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, events, delivery, and hospitality.
    Get the App: BlueCrew
  • EasyShift
    Sign up to complete simple and fast jobs at local stores. For example, taking pictures and checking promotions. Payment is by PayPal, and for most jobs, you’ll be paid within 48 hours.
    Get the App: EasyShift
  • Gigwalk 
    Gigwalkers work on jobs that take as little as a few minutes, or as long as several hours. Gigs include checking product displays or product availability in retail stores. The app has a GPS feature you can use to find, complete, and report on jobs. Payment is by PayPal when each gig is completed.
    Get the App: Gigwalk
  • TaskRabbit
    Taskers do small jobs like cleaning, delivery, shopping, organizing, and running errands. Sign up online, then attend an information session where you’ll be instructed on downloading the app. When you’re set, you will be able to view jobs in your area on the app, select the one you want, then confirm with the client. After the job is done, you’ll submit an invoice to get paid via direct deposit to a checking account. Note: there is a $25 registration fee.
    Sign up: Become a Tasker
  • Wonolo 
    Are you ready to go to work? Wonoloers work on immediate local hourly or daily jobs. Once you have signed up, open the app to get notifications of new jobs, and click to accept it. Payments are processed by Stripe, and typically take three to five days from when the job was approved. There’s a rating system, and high-rated Wonoloers have access to more job options and faster payments.
    Get the App: Wonolo

Build, Repair, and Move: If you have a knack for fixing things, assembling furniture and other products, or helping people move, you can use an app to find jobs to work on at your convenience. Once you apply and have been approved, you’ll be able to select tasks that fit your schedule.

Drive People: If you’ve got reliable transportation and appropriate car insurance, and enjoy driving, ride-share driving is a way to make extra money during your spare time. Driving jobs have an online application process that includes a background check, so be prepared to wait for approval to get started.

Shop and Make Deliveries: One of the easiest ways to make extra money is to provide delivery services. With some apps, like Instacart and Shipt, you will shop and deliver. For others, you’ll pick up and deliver orders. Some services will pay right away. For example, Uber drivers can sign up for Instant Pay and get paid up to five times a day. The payment is made to your debit card.

Take Care of People and Pets: If you’re interested in caregiving, for either humans or pets, you can sign up to provide care services when you’re available.

Apps for Providing Professional Services

There are many apps freelancers can use to find gigs and market their professional services. As with most app-based gigs, the schedule is flexible and you can work at your convenience. The credentials you need to get hired depend on the role you’re interested in. Payments are made directly and promptly by the site or a payment service, rather than the client.

With most services, it’s easier to sign-up online and then go to the app to find jobs.

Monetize Your Skills: With skills-based gig apps, there are opportunities to work as little – or as much – as you’d like. You can take on side gigs or make freelancing your full-time job. Some sites like Upwork, offer different types of opportunities for gig workers while others focus on a specific niche.

  • editorr is an on-demand service that hires online editors with an academic or professional background in English, journalism, copywriting, creative writing, or similar fields.
  • Fiverr is a platform for freelancers to market their creative services in more than 200 categories. Freelancers post the services they provide and set the price for the gigs, which begin at $5.
  • Jijatjo provides flexible options for hospitality workers, matching you with opportunities that match your schedule. Jijatjo offers competitive hourly rates, and pay is almost immediate (within a few hours) after you finish a shift.
  • Thumbtack offers professionals a way to find jobs doing almost anything. Pros post their business, and customers reach out to those they are interested in working with.
  • Tutor to Go is an online tutoring service. Professors, teachers, professionals with industry expertise provide tutoring services when they are available.
  • Upwork is a platform for freelancers to find jobs and projects, connect with clients, and get hired quickly.
  • Wyzant provides one-on-one tutoring services for school and university students. There are more than 12,000 subject areas and a stringent vetting process for applicants.

Provide Health and Fitness Services: As artificial intelligence changes the medical landscape, there are opportunities for health care providers to practice virtual medicine, communicating with patients on a smartphone or tablet. There are also opportunities for fitness instructors to provide virtual training. For services that need hands-on care, massage therapists, for example, can deliver in-home massages arranged by the app.

The application process starts online and services may be provided or arranged via the company’s app.

  • DoctorOnDemand hires employee and independent contractor physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.
  • Teladoc provides opportunities for primary care physicians, dermatologists, and behavioral health providers who handle routine, non-emergency medical problems by video or phone.
  • LiveKick hires personal trainers and private yoga instructors for sessions conducted over live video.
  • Trainerize works with personal trainers so they can connect with clients on the Trainerize app.
  • Soothe is an app where massage therapists join the Soothe professional network to provide in-home, office, or hotel massages.
  • Zeel is an app for download where you can get approved and verified quickly. Selected candidates participate in on-boarding, then download the app and start booking massage appointments.


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