Top Startups in Cannabis Industry

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Startups are finding new ways to tailor innovations to cannabis businesses. Companies build digital complience solutions, data analysis tools and a host of consumer product goods.

Medical Cannabis

Companies such as PharmaCannis produce or sell marijuana intended for medicinal purposes.

Disclosed funding: $45M


Companies such as Eaze Solutions or Flow Kana develop direct-to-consumer marijuana delivery facilitation platforms or online marketplaces.

Disclosed funding: $24.50M and $0.26M

Management Services

Companies such as Strainz, a brand management company, provide business management services to the cannabis industry.

Disclosed funding: $8M

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Cannabis Production

Companies growing marijuana for either recreational or recreational & medicinal use. Rubicon Holdings is one of them.

Disclosed funding: $5.72M


Companies such as Optileaf or Hypur develop digital solutions to aid order and sales management, payments processing, compliance assurance, and seed-to-sale tracking.

Disclosed funding: $0.69M and $6.18M

Consumer Products

Companies such as Jane West make and sell cannabis-based products or cannabis accessories direct-to-consumer.

Disclosed funding: $0.80M

Investors/Holding Companies

These are the most active cannabis-centered investment firms and holding companies. Cronos Group, for example.

Disclosed funding: N/A


Companies such as Headset are developing data-based business and market intelligence tools specifically aimed at the cannabis industry.

Disclosed funding: $1.43M


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