How to read your Cannabis Certificate Of Analises

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Results at a Glance

The Results at a Glance page provides a quick summary of pass/fail results. Complete testing profiles are outlined in the rest of the document.

  • Results at a Glance are for convenience, this is not a substitute for complete test result profiles.
  • If a result is less than observable quantity or Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) it will not appear on the glance view

Header Area

A = Green Leaf Lab License Number

B = Statement of Laboratory Standards

C = Sample Name

D = Date sampled, Date Accepted

E =  Sample ID

F = Matrix (useable marijuana, Extracts/Concentrates, Products)

G = Test RFID

H = Source RFID

Potency, Water Activity, and Moisture Results

The following fields are laboratory tracking signatures

J = Date/Time Extracted

K = Date/Time Analyzed

L = Analysis Method/SOP

M = Batch Identification

Potency Analysis and Profile Graph

The following fields are laboratory tracking signatures

N = Potency analytes and totals

O = Potency result for each cannabinoid

P = Profile Graph displays presence of individual cannabinoids in reference to the total cannabinoids

Water Activity and Moisture

Green Leaf Lab Cannabis Analytical Testing Results

Water Activity

R = Likelihood of microbial growth. Action level is 0.65Aw


S = Moisture content is percentage by weight of water found in test sample

Terpene Analysis and Profile

Terpene analytes are listed with the corresponding percentage of the sample total.

T = Date/Time Extracted

U = Date/Time Analyzed

V = Analysis Method/SOP

Graph displays presence of individual terpenes in reference to the total terpenes identified.

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Pesticide Results

Green Leaf Lab Pesticide Analysis Report

Laboratory Tracking Signatures

W = Date/Time Extracted

X = Date/Time Analyzed

Y = Analysis Method/SOP

Z = Batch Identification

AA = Failed pesticide detection will appear in red

Residual Solvents Results

Laboratory Tracking Signatures

BB = Date/Time Extracted

CC = Date/Time Analyzed

DD = Analysis Method/SOP

EE = Batch Identification

Failed pesticide detection will appear in red

Molds and Fungi Screen Results

Laboratory Tracking Signatures

FF = Date/Time Extracted

GG = Date/Time Analyzed

HH = Analysis Method/SOP

Results above 10,000 CFU/g will appear in red

Quality Control

These results are internal quality control to ensure data integrity



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