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Cannabis plant

The dried cannabis inflorescence (the complete flower head) is one of the most
commonly encountered formulations for administration of cannabinoids. Cannabis can be grown
and marketed for either medicinal or recreational purposes. Medical cannabis is produced in
several countries. For example, Aurora Cannabis Inc. is one of 26 authorized producers in Canada
that also exports its products abroad. In the Netherlands, medicinal cannabis is grown and
marketed by Bedrocan B.V. under contract to the Dutch Ministry of Health and made available as
the herbal inflorescence in Dutch pharmacies on prescription. Bedrocan B.V. grows six varieties
according to a controlled regimen and with a standardized level of three cannabinoids: ()-transdelta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9 -THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN).

The flowering tops or buds of a wide range of varieties are also available through
dispensaries and medicinal programmes in the United States of America and elsewhere and are
sold under popular names such as “skunk”, “kush”, “diesel”, and “haze”. In contrast to medicinal
cannabis, the chemical content, the pharmacological and organoleptic effects of these products are
not often readily discernible from the label and, in some instances, even through rigorous
quantitative analysis of cannabinoids, can be unpredictable. Recently, a series of recreational varieties of cannabis with low Δ9-THC content (<0.2% in Europe and <1% in Switzerland), called “cannabis light”, have come on to the popular market and are sold as a smoking product (e.g. Artur, CannLab, Hempy, etc.).

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