Cannabis: Heavy metals test

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Cannabis has been shown to have a strong capacity to accumulate heavy metals in its tissues. Indeed, research has been carried out into the possibility of using cannabis cultivation as a way of decontaminating soils with high levels of heavy metals.

Análisis de Terpenoides

Growing cannabis in soils polluted with heavy metals or the use of low-quality fertilisers in cannabis cultivation can result in high levels of these metals in the final product.

The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia sets the following limits for heavy metals:

Contaminant Tolerable daily intake in micrograms
Arsenic 10
Cadmium 4.1
Lead 6
Mercury 2.0

Fundación CANNA offers a service for analysing the heavy metal residue in plant matter, extracts and oils from products derived from industrial hemp.

The analysis uses ICP-MS to quantify arsenic, lead and cadmium and AA to quantify mercury. We can detect and quantify up to 0.05 mg/kg of arsenic, 0.01 mg/kg of cadmium and lead and 0.1 mg/kg of mercury.

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NOTE: This analysis is solely intended for the purposes of information and risk reduction. If you require an official analysis for placing a food product on sale, please contact the relevant ministry or authority in your country to find out where you can have an official analysis of your product made.

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