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Medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids

Questions and answers for policymaking
December 2018

The EMCDDA exists to facilitate a more evidence-informed understanding of issues
that are important for developing better drug-related policies and actions across
Europe. In a new series of reports, we turn our attention to cannabis, a substance
with a long history of use that has recently emerged as a controversial and
challenging issue in both European and wider international drug policy debates.

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Europe. It is also the drug about
which both public attitudes and the political debate are most polarised. Interest in
this area is rapidly growing, prompted by some quite dramatic international
developments in the ways in which some countries and jurisdictions are now
regulating this substance. For Europe, this means that questions on what constitutes
an appropriate policy response to cannabis have become both topical and important.


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In response, the EMCDDA is producing a set of papers that seek to explore, in an
objective and neutral manner, some of the complex issues that exist in this area. We
will be publishing a series of reports, each addressing a different aspect of this
dynamic and complex policy area. Our aim in this series is to provide an overview of
evidence and current practice for those with an interest in the area, to inform debate
and not to advocate for any particular policy perspective.

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