Supercritical CO2 Extraction of CBD is in High Demand

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Demand for CBD Extraction Capacity Booming

“CBD extraction demand is blowing up right now as companies look to put CBD products on shelves and there is a growing demand for higher output yields from extractors.

One method gaining traction is Supercritical CO2 extraction, which has been around for decades in a variety of other industries before cannabis; used in coffee, tea, vanilla and perfumery.”

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CBD Concentrate
Hemp Extract

The demand for CBD is exploding. It has burst onto the scene of health and wellness like nothing else before.

Consumer Market for CBD

CBD oils, tinctures, balms, CBD vape juice, edibles, doggie treats – are hitting a hungry marketplace and offering relief on an unprecedented scale.

The consumer sees the finished product with its packaging and marketing. But – behind the scenes – the supply and production chain is buzzing with frantic activity.

The market may be sky high and soaring, but the demand goes all the way down to the ground – literally.

CBD Supply Chain

Hemp is far and away the most promising cash crop since soy beans 80 80 years ago. From the established farmers in Colorado to the struggling tobacco farmers in Kentucky and North Carolina – thousands and thousands of acres are being dedicated to growing Hemp.

Of course somebody has to get the CBD out of all that hemp. That’s called extraction and that’s the next step in the supply chain.

CBD Extraction

Hemp soaking in ethanol ready for distillation
Hemp soaking in ethanol

There are two main methods of extracting CBD from hemp.

  • Distillation
  • CO2 Extraction

Distillation is a very cheap and effective method of separating out the CBD from hemp. Basically the hemp is mashed up, mixed with a solvent such as ethanol or butane and heated to a high temp.

The CBD and solvent boils out, the solvent evaporates and pure CBD remains. The rest of the hemp is used for feed or pulp.

There are two problems with distillation:

  1. It is difficult to ensure that 100% of the solvent is gone from the CBD
  2. It destroys all the other beneficial phytochemicals contained in hemp.

CBD Isolate powder

CO2 Hemp Extraction

With a consumer base that is gaining knowledge and demanding higher quality CBD products – producers are turning more and more to CO2 extraction.

It  is similar to distillation except CO2 is put under high pressure to turn it into a liquid – acting much like a solvent.

Once the hemp extract is separated, the CO2 is returned to a gas and evaporates.

This method maintain much of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. It also eliminates any problem with residual solvents.

It is more expensive and time-consuming but the high-end CBD market is commanding capacity for CO2 extraction.

CO2 Hemp Extraction Capacity

So the industry insiders are betting big on companies that can provide capacity for a hockey-stick demand curve. It is a low risk play in the CBD niche.

If you are looking to invest in the hemp industry, there are many startups to look at

CO2 Extraction and CBD Vape Juice

We here at CBD Vape 4 Life are huge proponents of CO2 Extraction. We encourage folks looking to vape CBD to buy full-spectrum  products. These are almost always produced by the CO2 method.

Vaping whole-plant hemp extract contributes to the entourage effect, whereby all the good stuff is working together for better effect.

So an expanding capacity will produce more high-quality CBD vape products and most likely will spur advancements in production.


So the increasing demand for supercritical CO2 extraction is good news for the market, the industry and the consumer – perhaps especially for the CBD vaping niche.

We at CBD Vape 4 Life feel that the extraction and processing segment of the CBD represents an excellent risk/reward ratio for investing.

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