High-Quality, High-Capacity Supercritical CO2 CBD Extraction Machinery

TRADELABOR has more than 20 years of experience in the control and treatment of air, working with an experienced and qualified technical staff and with the most advanced technology in this area, which together guarantee the quality of the services provided.



Here’s a look behind the high-quality CBD extraction machinery that was a focal point in last week’s popular blog article, “One Ton Per Day Hemp Extraction Facility.”

As seen in WSPA 7News’ video, “Inside Upstate CBD Oil Processing Facility ‘SC Botanicals,’” extraktLAB®’s Model 140 supercritical CO2 extractor is compact enough to fit in any size facility. Chris Cortina, SC Botanicals’ Director of Operations, outlines the supercritical CO2 extraction process before showing off their brand-new Model 140:

1:37 “We use a process called, ‘supercritical CO2 extraction,’ that basically turns CO2 that you would get to carbonate beverages into a supercritical form. So, it acts as a gas and a liquid at the same time. And then, when you take your extract, it immediately evaporates so that there’s nothing left but the pure oil.”

3:25 “This is a supercritical CO2 extractor. The way that it works: we load ground hemp into these columns here and the machine is pressurized. It takes supercritical CO2, which is carbon dioxide gas — the kind you’d see in beverage dispensers — and it turns it into a supercritical state, which is where it acts as a gas and liquid simultaneously. And that lets it act as a solvent for the CBD and pull it out.”

3:52 “It only resides in this container and so when you extract the material the CO2 dissolves into the air. So the machine pressurizes these vessels and the oil flows through the machine and is captured in these collectors; these produce three different grades of oil. And so we collect them separately and they basically are homogenized for a final end product.”

High-Quality CBD Extraction Machinery

SC Botanicals is not the only hemp processor placing their bet on extraktLAB’s cutting-edge supercritical technology, which offers, “some of the fastest processing on the market today,” according to GreenRushDaily.

The up-and-coming firm, Golden Developing Solutions, recently put out the very revealing press release, “Golden Developing Solutions Readies Launch of Supercritical CO2 CBD Extraction Facility in Colorado.” This article details the end of their due diligence phase prior to facility buildout:

“Management expects the facility to be fully operational by Summer 2019. Machinery orders will be finalized within the next 90 days. Following a detailed comparative examination of high-quality, high-capacity supercritical CO2 CBD extraction machinery manufacturers, the Company has narrowed its search down to Isolate Extraction Systems and ExtraktLAB” (Golden Developing Solutions 2019).

We’re honored to see our Model 140 supercritical CO2 extractor being so well-received! A throwback to our CEO Dr. Jon Thompson’s blog article, “How to Scale Up Your Extraction Business to Process One Ton Per Day,” outlines the Model 140’s high-performance numbers:

  1. 25 ft sq for extractor + 25 ft sq for chiller + 1 ft sq for the compressor = 51 ft sq.
  2. 63 amps for extractor + 15 amps (per extractor) for the chiller + 4 amps for the compressor.
  3. 17.6lbs/hr or 8 kg/hr.
  4. Trim at 20% THC = 1,500-2,000 g/hr. Trim at 10% THC = 800-900 g/hr.
  5. CO2 has no restrictions on amount as it poses no fire hazard.  May need permit from city but this is (typically) a trivial process.
  6. Staff = three people per 8-hour shift. One person can run up tosix6 machines, need one person for pre-processing for six machines, and need one person for cleaning/maintenance.

Continue reading, here, for more information on how to scale-up your existing business into a one ton per day hemp, or cannabis, extraction facility!


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Continue at: https://extraktlab.com/high-quality-high-capacity-supercritical-co2-cbd-extraction-machinery/






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