Cannabis: CO2 Extraction process equipment

TRADELABOR has more than 20 years of experience in the control and treatment of air, working with an experienced and qualified technical staff and with the most advanced technology in this area, which together guarantee the quality of the services provided.



Scalable Solutions

Pure Extraction systems range from entry-level to mid-level in size, but all of our quality systems are designed to be scalable to the demand of the clients. Just as the market grows and develops, so do the demands of our clients. This includes

Scalable Systems: Our systems can be up-sized without the need for an entire new build. As you grow – we grow with you.

Scalable Extraction Room solution (SERver): for the fastest/ high volume extraction requirements our “server room” extraction set-up is the best option.


All systems are designed with the operator in mind. Ease-of-Use and maintenance are key elements in any system. At Pure, our systems use the highest level in connection technologies to ensure all sub-components can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled easily. Ensuring your final product is of the highest of quality through components that ensure easy removal and cleaning



Another benefit to a compact quality built system is the benefit of mobility. Pure systems are built with the ability of mobility in mind. All systems are self-contained and on wheels to allow transport to different on-site locations.


Currently many scCO2 systems look the same with all components assembled on a larger footprint approach. Although simple in structure, this type of assembly requires many feet of tubing and connections. At Pure we recognize that more travel the fluids require, the more chance residual oil will be left in the system. Our systems are designed with custom machined sub-components which reduce the overall footprint, reduce the overall cost, and reduces the amount of potentially costly residual oil.

Additionally, Pure systems allow inline decarb. Now you can decarboxylate under pressure, minimizing terpene loss during the pre-extraction preparation process.

Owning a CO2 system is now easier than ever.  Contact us regarding our financing options for you and your team.

Non-Toxic/ Non-Carcinogenic

The extracted oil does not contain any residual petroleum particles.


No potentially flammable or explosive petroleum based solvents, approved method by FDA.

Carbon-Neutral/ Environmentally Friendly

Does not contribute toward carbon emission increases in our atmosphere.  CO2 utilized is pulled from the atmosphere.


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