Making Refined Cannabis Vape Oils & Distillates

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For the purest cannabis and CBD oils, concentrates, and edibles, the experts turn to a clear set of guidelines. By following standard operation procedures alongside stringent sanitary processes, any dispensary, caregiver, biomass processor, or cannabis enthusiast can create high-quality vape oils and distillates designed to heal, rejuvenate, and inspire. Read on for a step-by-step how-to that breaks down cannabis distillation.

1. Harness Plant Trim

Fresh trimmings work well in distillate and oil production, and your own trim will create an end product that’s uniquely yours. Dry, ground cannabis trim is the perfect medium for CO2 extraction or for ethanol extraction. Keep in mind that you’ll require further filtration/distillation following rotary evaporation with the ethanol extraction method.

2. Maximize Extractions

CO2 extraction equipment works to produce the base oil concentrate needed for quality distillations. A 2.5 liter supercritical extraction system enables a ½ pound extraction every forty-five minutes – and larger systems can process even higher plant volumes. Ethanol is a great solvent for small and large scale plant extraction but additional post processing is usually required.

Extraction Technologies Include:

3. Facilitate Winterization of the Plant Extract

Winterizing extracted CO2 oil prepares the solution for water removal. Winterization also enables easy filtering of waxes, lipids, and fats for making an optimal end product. Basically, winterization involves a process of heating for full dissolution, then freezing, and filter out the undesirable plant matter.

4. Keep it Filtered

Following winterization, lipids and waxes are filtered from the solution. Users have several options when it comes to filtering; varying methods enable corresponding levels of control over particle sizes. As such, a range of micron filters may be applied.

5. For Edibles, Decarboxylation

When producing edibles, tinctures, capsules, balms, and lotions, it’s critical to decarboxylate the oil. Alternately, users can decarb the plant material prior to CO2 extraction in order to activate valuable cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, from the THC-A and CBD-A formats, respectively.

Vacuum ovens are used for decarboxylation. They are also used to make dabs and shatter for post extraction processes.

CBD-A is much more difficult to decarboxylate than THC-A.

6. Distillation

Rotary evaporators, also referred to as “rotovaps,” are used to distill and reclaim ethanol and water from the pure oil end product. This end result may be inserted directly into vape cartridges. Rotary evaporators are available in quantities ranging from two to 50 liters, and both manual and automated units are available today.

Before any final sale of your end product, it’s imperative to test your product by means of a third-party lab, thus ensuring that the end result is pesticide- and solvent- free. Plus, a third-party lab can confirm your cannabinoid/terpene profile, too. Depending on your own unique needs, other tests are also available; inquire at your lab for details.

7. Fractional Distillation for Pure Oil

A handful of fractional distillation technologies enable users to create pure oil distillates. Common systems include short path distillation, spinning band distillation, and wiped film distillation. Chromatography has also proven popular for effectively separating cannabinoid compounds.

8. Chromatography for Optimal Separation

Employ chromatography for comprehensive separation of a broad range of cannabinoids.

9. Filling Equipment

Harness manual or completely automated filling systems to streamline filling vape cartridges, tincture bottles, cream and lotion bottles, and even capsules.

10. Final Packaging And Brand Marketing

Package your end product with professionalism, tailoring your end product to your distinctive customer base. Private label containers and child-resistant packaging ensures a tamper-proof option – and assures peace of mind. Our distinctive packaging solutions are deigned to help you market your brand effectively – and safely, too.

11. Formulation, SOPs, Training

High Purity Extractions does offer a variety of services including equipment specification and selection, extraction room 3D design and layout, product formulation, developing SOPs, and training for equipment and processing.


The team at High Purity Extractions is committed to ensuring that cannabis enthusiasts and producers strive to create and consume the highest-quality oils possible. The best cannabis oils and distillations are sourced from natural, organic productions, with third-party testing employed to assure safety and reliability for customers and patients alike.


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