CBD – Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE)

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Supercritical Fluid Extraction Facilities

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Facilities

General Description

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) facilities employ supercritical gases to extract an active component from a natural substance. They are also used in the sterilization of medical materials, the removal of impurities, and in the cleaning of electronic and functional materials. MKK has a well-established track record in the manufacture and supply of SFE systems that range from small screening units to full-feature systems , ranging from 100 ml to 600 L in extraction vessel capacity, and has accumulated a wealth of technical data and information on SFE technology in general.


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  1. MKK uses its wealth of experience in the engineering of each vessel , equipment and accessories employed for the systems, best suited to a particular process.
  2. MKK manufactures extraction and separator vessels in conformity with Japanese regulations and standards, thus facilitating maintenance and the acquisition of regulatory approvals. Should other regulation and standard is required, it is also applicable upon consultation.
  3. MKK extraction and collection vessels use “Malok” self-tightening lids originally developed by the company itself which facilitate the opening and closing of the lids even in large-scale SFE systems.
  4. MKK SFE systems are designed and manufactured incorporating raw material handling, cleaning, automation and other peripheral technology to deliver the highest levels of reliability.

Process Flow

Process Flow


To best suit client requirements, MKK SFE systems are custom designed for each particular case basing on the ready available test data and knowledge held by MKK or the data obtained by a new test which is conducted upon the requirement by the customer.

Main Applications

1. Foodstuffs / Flavoring

  • Extraction of fragrance, flavoring, spices.
  • Extraction of animal and plant oils and fats, caffeine.
  • Removal of fats from, and separation of fatty acids in, foodstuffs.
  • Refining of food dye.
  • Concentration and flavor preservation of brewed drink products.
  • Deactivation of enzymes in, and flavor preservation of, natural fruit juice drinks.
  • Deodorizing, decolorizing, sterilizing, inclusion, micro-cellularization and other processing of food materials and flavorings.

2. Pharmaceuticals / Medical Supplies

  • Concentration / fractionation / refining of hormones, vitamins and other biologically active substances.
  • Extraction / fractionation / refining of glycerides, EPA, DHA and other lipid components.
  • Refining of plant oils, extraction of plant constituents with medicinal properties.
  • Removal of fatty components from and preservation of medicinal properties of antibody powders.
  • Refining of and solvent removal from pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Crystallization / atomization / control of fine crystal structure in pharmaceuticals.
  • Removal of solvents, monomers, oily components and other impurities from contact lenses, dialysis materials and other medical supplies.
  • Disinfection/sterilization of disposable containers.

3. Fermentation

  • Extraction / fractionation / refining of bacterial products.
  • Extraction / fractionation / refining of medicinal constituents, fatty components

4. Cosmetics

  • Extraction / refining of essential oils and perfumes

5. Chemicals / Functional Materials

  • Non-shrink drying of gels.
  • Drying of fine particle slurries.
  • Drying of inter-clay compounds and other microstructure porous substances.
  • Removal of solvents, monomers and other impurities from polymeric materials.
  • Manufacture of fine polymers.
  • Microcellularization of polymeric materials.
  • Refining of organic pigments.

SFE System Feasibility Testing

MKK is always ready to undertake feasibility studies, testing and development on commercial basis on behalf of client who may be considering the use of SFE technology.

Our Testing Facilities: 4 liter extraction vessel (see photograph)
Location: Kawasaki Works, MKK
Cost: Please note that feasibility testing is conducted on a chargeable basis.


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