Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2019

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Employee monitoring software offers a comprehensive window into employee activities on company devices. This type of software can monitor web browsing, track applications and generally keep tabs on what employees are doing on the clock. The best employee monitoring software includes features like remote viewing of employee sessions, screenshots and keystroke logging. Administrators are often given a great deal of latitude when setting rules and policies; when these are violated, the software will typically generate a notification and record the monitored violation for review.

In our digital world, more employees work on company devices or complete work remotely. Employee monitoring software grants you the transparency to ensure your workers are trustworthy and productive. Choosing the right monitoring software can be a difficult task though, so Business News Daily reviewed the industry’s leading software solutions and selected best picks to make your buying journey easier.

Best Picks

Best Employee Monitoring Software Overall

Pricing: Starts at $60 per user, per month.

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Small Businesses

Pricing: Starts at $59.95 per year, plus $19.95 per year for each additional license.

Best Free Employee Monitoring Software

Pricing: Limited free version; paid version starts at $7.20 per user, per month.

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Content Filtering

Pricing: One-time licensure fee of $39.99 per license, with a five-license minimum.

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Internet Management

SoftActivity Monitor
Pricing: One-time licensure fee of $189.99 for three licenses.
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