TRADELABOR has more than 20 years of experience in the control and treatment of air, working with an experienced and qualified technical staff and with the most advanced technology in this area, which together guarantee the quality of the services provided.



2.2.3 Before entering the Clean Room, please check that overpressure indicators
which are located on the right side of the frame of the door of the pre-SAS,
mark a value greater than 0,1. If this is not the situation, please ask to the
facilities maintenance staff of the Clean Room (see Annex III) if access is

2.2.4 Please wipe your shoes on the specific shoe-cleaning device located at the
entrance. It is very important that you have your soles cleaned. There is no need
to polish the whole shoe. Push the bar to switch the machine on.

2.2.5 Swipe the card through the front of the card reader located to the left of the
door for entry, then after hearing a short click, pull out the door.


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