Ambient curable coating materials based on castor oil




Using a Knoevenagel condensation cross-linking technique, scientists developed new ambient curable coatings based on acetoacetylated castor oil.

The acetoacetylated castor oil was synthesised via the reaction of castor oil with t-butyl acetoacetate, and the films were cured at ambient temperatures (25°C) using aromatic dicarboxaldehydes as crosslinkers.

Preparation with different aromatic dicarboxaldehyde cross-linkers

The scientists optimised the curing conditions of the coating and found that a ratio of acetoacetylated castor oil to dicarboxaldehyde groups of 1:0.75 and a catalyst loading of 7.5wt % provided an appropriate curing time and the coating with the best performance. Moreover, they prepared films with different aromatic dicarboxaldehyde cross-linkers and characterised the mechanical and thermal properties of these films.

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