Five facts on the carbon black market




Carbon blacks used in paints and coatings are highly engineered products that are often specific to a certain application. We have gathered five facts on the carbon black market.

Carbon blacks are used in various products. For instance, a large share is used in the production of car tires. In this case, the carbon is not used for colour but to solidify the tire. In 2017, the global demand for carbon blacks reached a total of 1.05 million tonnes. Paints and coatings accounted for a share of 0.05 million and inks and toners for 0.12 million tonnes.



Demand by region

North America has the highest demand for carbon black followed by Asia (excluding China) and the European Union.


Average values of carbon blacks

Carbon blacks are very effective in their use, with only small quantities needed. But they have a high value product price.


Leading companies in the market

The largest suppliers of carbon blacks are Cabot Corporation, Birla Carbon and Orion Engineered Carbons.


Share of carbon blacks used in specialty applications

Furnace blacks make up the largest share of carbon blacks used in specialty applications by far.


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