Corrosion inhibition of magnesium by coatings




The objective of a recently published study is to identify the anticorrosive property synthesised Nano ZnO rods and CeO2 particles.

Both ZnO and CeO2 have good anticorrosion behavior; this materials are tested with and without composition to identify the corrosion inhibition behavior. The result reveals the high protection rate, which was accomplished by the composition. In the research, a detailed investigation of the corrosion inhibition performance of magnesium (Mg) substrate coated nanoparticles like cerium dioxide (CeO2), zinc oxide nanorods (ZnO) and CeO2/ZnO composites were studied. Synthesised nanoparticles were characterised by various physio-chemical techniques.

CeO2/ZnO composite coating with better corrosion resistance

Surface morphology of the developed set of specimens was scrutinised through SEM and EDAX, which established a clean surface coating with minimal defects attainment through doctor’s blade method. Electrochemical corrosion behavior of Mg substrates coated with definite proportions of CeO2, ZnO and CeO2/ZnO composites were conceded in 3.5 wt. % NaCl using Tafel polarisation and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Thus the developed CeO2/ZnO composite coating exhibits icorr of 0.905 (A cm−2) and corrosion rate was 0.81 × 10−5 mpy better corrosion resistance compared to bare Mg or CeO2 or ZnO coatings.

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