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A study of key performance indicators (KPIs) at one of the production sites of Fresenius Kabi in Brunna, Sweden.

In today’s competitive environment, companies needs to keep track of the actual performance updated result in order to steer the organization in doing the right things. Most successful organizations nowadays implement a performance measurement system within their companies. This is done to give them true attentions to results, responsibilities and targets. In order for the organization to have control and improve processes, the organization needs to measure and identify the performance indicators. One of the manager’s responsibilities is to realize what the critical metrics are in their organizations and how those metrics should be identified, measured, reported, and managed so that the organization can be viewed as a successful one by its stakeholders. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are specific metrics which show early warning signs if there is an unfavorable situation in the system. KPIs give everyone a clear picture of what is important for the organization. KPIs also give us information to make informed decisions and reduce uncertainty by managing risks.

In this research based on the needs of the factory and suggestions of managers, six KPIs
including OEE, availability, performance ratio, quality ratio, lead time, and delivery performance
were selected to examine their applicability at the production site.

The data was gathered and analysis was done. Loss time model was selected as the reference time model. The KPIs were measured according to this time model. The measured KPIs were studied for their measurability, applicability and usefulness. Lead time and delivery performance were measurable, applicable and useful to the production site while OEE and quality ratio were neither measurable nor applicable. Availability and performance ratio were measurable but they did not bring any value to the system.


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