KPI list for Quality Control Laboratory




Here is a list of KPI for Quality Control Laboratory:

Cost per analysis
Cost per sample
Assay turnaround time
Sample turnaround time
Number of emergency samples
Are these tests all necessary
Quality of assays
Quality of reports
Customer satisfaction

Requests and analysis workload
Per Request analysis
Actual Cost vs cost of kit
Section wise delay ( Comparison with respect to TAT)
Current workload with result delivery time
Delta checks
Analysis re-run
Cost per test
Analysis workload compared with human resource (Used to plan Optimal staffing)
Machine workloads and turn around time
Analysis combinations with machine and kits
Control runs
Mean, Standard Deviation and Levy Jenning Charts
Maintenance schedules
Lost analysis due to machine/kit issue
Inventory of kits/Reagents with Optimal levels
Low inventory alerts
Stock turns
Environment factors i.e. Humidity and Temp
Analysis Vs Revenue
Profit per analysis
Referral Analysis

Lead time

On time delivery

Annual Target

new technologies/ innovations introduced


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