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Background: Laboratory performance can be measured using a set of model key performance  Indicators (KPIs). The design and implementation of KPIs are important issues. KPI
results from 7 years are reported and their implementation, monitoring, objectives, interventions, result reporting and delivery are analyzed.

Methods: The KPIs of the entire laboratory process were obtained using Laboratory Information System (LIS) registers. These were collected automatically using a data warehouse application, spreadsheets and external quality program reports. Customer satisfaction was assessed using surveys.
Nine model laboratory KPIs were proposed and measured.

Results: The results of some examples of KPIs used in our laboratory are reported. Their corrective measurements or the implementation of objectives led to improvement in the associated KPIs results.
Conclusions: Measurement of laboratory performance using KPIs and a data warehouse application that continuously collects registers and calculates KPIs confirmed the reliability of indicators, indicator acceptability and usability for users, and continuous process improvement.


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