Quality Control Laboratory – Key Performance Indices






Below a selection of KPIs is listed for every benchmarked lab . All KPIs that are marked with * are provided as overall KPIs as well as with a detailed split into further category (e.g. Drug Substance Tests/Drug Substance Direct QC FTEs).


– Handled Samples/QC FTEs
– Batches processed/QC FTEs
– Samples/Run
– Tests/Direct QC FTEs*
– Tests/Batches*
– …

– Lab Deviations/1’000 Tests
– Reoccurring Lab Deviations
– Lab CAPAs Overdue
– Overall RFT*
– Overall Investigations/1’000 Tests*
– Overall Invalidated OOS/100’000 Tests*
– Product Re-Tests due to Complaints

– Lead Time*
– Cycle Time*
– Release Time*
– Adherence to Schedule*
– Adherence to Lead Time*
– …

Cost Efficiency
– QC Cost/QO Cost
– QC Cost/QC FTEs
– QC Cost/Tests
– QO Cost/Tests
– QC Cost/Batches processed
– …

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