Optical properties of high solid water-borne polyurethane






Recently, researchers succeeded to tune the optical properties of high solid waterborne polyurethane from matt to anti-glare.

High solid water-borne polyurethane with matt and anti-glare function were designed and synthesised by simply introducing two types of anionic into the molecular chain, without the addition of organic solvent throughout the process. It was found that whole samples presented bimodal particle size distribution.

Modification of optical properties

When 2-[(2-aminoethyl) amino] ethyl sulfonic acid sodium (A95)/hydrazine hydrate molar ratio was altered, the optical properties of WPU could be changed from matt function (WPU-1-5) to anti-glare function (WPU-1-2), and the viscosity of WPU-1-2 with 59.1 wt% solid content was only 480.1 mPa·s.

Potential for industrial application

Significantly, the optical properties almost remained unchanged after the emulsions were diluted, with the 60° gloss and transmittance still meeting standard of matt and anti-glare, showing potential for industrial application.

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