The Cold Compress Band-Aid Treats the Pain of Small Scrapes and Cuts




The Cold Compress Band-Aid was designed to supplement the protection of injuries, helping the sufferer to shed some discomfort. This clever bandage seals the site of a small wound, but it also produces the gentle effect of reducing any pain.

In addition to acting as a barrier against contamination and subsequent infection, the puffed up plaster is a cooling agent. Like a miniature ice pack, the concept product contains H2O and NH4NO3 that combine to produce a chilling effect. Once you’ve stuck it onto your skin, simply press down on the snowflake-branded bandage and the chemical reaction will begin. Any redness, soreness, throbbing and inflammation that results from a particular cut or bruise would be instantly alleviated locally. This ingenious item was designed by Lu-Yao Xiong, Yi-Fei Lee, Li-Cheng Zheng and Wen-Qi Cao.

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