Polydopamine functional reduced graphene oxide for water-borne polyurethane nanocomposites






Researchers recently investigated polydopamine functional reduced graphene oxide to enhance the mechanical and electrical properties of waterborne polyurethane nanocomposites.

Water-borne polyurethane/polydopamine (PDA) functional reduced graphene oxide (WPU/PDRGO) nanocomposites were prepared by in situ emulsification method. The presence of a PDA layer and the partial reduction of GO by PDA were confirmed by FTIR, XRD, Raman spectra, and TGA. It was found that the interfacial PDA layers facilitated the dispersion of the PDRGO sheets in the WPU matrix and enhanced mechanical properties of the WPU matrix.

Excellent electrical conductivity

The resulting WPU/PDRGO nanocomposite coatings show excellent electrical conductivity (9.9 × 10−6–1.1 × 10−4 S cm−1) corresponding to a PDRGO content of 1–16 wt%. The obtained water-borne polyurethane/graphene nanocomposite dispersions are promising for anticorrosion, antistatic, conductive, and electromagnetic interference shielding coatings.


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