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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly, that not even 50 bottles of beer can beautify. This little concept holds true even in the world of cars. Over the years, the roads have seen some cars that only the designers alone could call pretty. In honour of all those monsters, this is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

15. 2004 Covini C6W

The Most Ugly Cars in the World


The Covini C6W opens the list with its 6-wheeled monstrosity. The car had a decent 400 horsepower and the extra wheels were meant for balance and to give it better braking. The makers were simply trying to achieve functionality but the result was not so appealing to the eye. The other car that follows this pattern is No.1. You won’t believe the insane idea behind it!


14. Marcos Mantis

M Marcos Mantis Most Ugly Cars in The World


Marcos was a British manufacturer that specialised in sports cars. Their cars were generally ugly but the Marcos Mantis seems to have taken the cake home. Fortunately, only one was released in 1968 and it did not even last that long before it was retired. It made one last appearance in 2008 at the Festival of speed.

13. Troll Sportcoupé


Troll Plastik & Bilindustri, a Norwegian company, attempted to build a car with a fibreglass body. The material is light and it has other benefits such as resistance to rust. The engineering aspect might have been commendable but for the design, the makers of the car deserved a harsh jail term. The car was only produced for two years from 1956 to 1958. The next car is not all that bad it is still ugly.

12. Hyundai Tiburon

Hyundai Tuburon Most Ugly Cars in The World Most Ugly Cars in The World


The Hyundai Tiburon went by many names. In Europe, it was called the Hyundai Coupe while in America and other markets, it went by the name Tiburon. Tiburon is the Spanish word for Shark. They were right- It does look like an ugly shark. If you think this is bad, wait till you see the next car which looks like a hideous alien coffin.

11. Stutz Blackhawk

Most Ugly Cars in The World


The Stutz Blackhawk was first produced in 1972. Over 4 decades later, it is not clear what was going through the minds of the designers when they made the ugly thing. It was 19 ft ( almost 6 metres) long. Apparently, it was loved by Elvis, the King. It was also quite expensive costing over $120,000 in 2017 Dollars. That is clearly a ripoff. The car maker is relatively unknown, but the next one comes from a renowned company. You won’t believe it is on the list!

10. PT Cruiser

Most Ugly Cars in The World PT cRUISER


Chrysler is a decent car maker. Unfortunately, they failed quite lamentably with the Chrysler PT Cruiser. We cannot say much about the car’s performance but we will unapologetically say this is quite an ugly car. But it is definitely a whole lot better than the next demon.


9. Brubaker Box

Most Ugly Cars in The World Brubaker Box


The makers of the Brubaker Box deserve an A plus for accurate representation. That’s right – the name is as ugly as the car. It really does look like a rig from hell and it is devoid of any character at all. It is just an ugly box on wheels. It does, however, look like something that would be useful in case of nuclear world war. Speaking of usefulness, the next car is not only ugly but it seems to be quite useless as well.


8. Reliant Robin

Most Ugly Cars in The World reliantt Robin


The reliant Robin looks like a cross between a car, a boat, and a motorcycle. That doesn’t sound right on any front. The robin was one of the most popular fibreglass cars in history and today, it has rightly earned a place on Top Car Magazine’s list of the ugliest cars in the world. It was first manufactured in 1973 to take the place of the Reliant Regal. Although this one is ugly, the next one is actually scary!


7. 2010 Veritas RS III

Most Ugly Cars in The World Veritas


Vermot AG had not been active in the automotive industry for 60 years by 2010. That same year, they decided to make a comeback, a hideous comeback. The 2010 Veritas RS III is not only ugly, it actually looks like something you would see in a nightmare. It seems they pressed the wrong button and pulled a monster from hell. But we appreciate their intentions nonetheless.

6. The Nissan Cube

Most Ugly Cars in The World Nissan Cube


The Nissan Cube could care less about aerodynamics, and it most definitely does not give a damn about beauty. It is not clear what exactly the Japanese car maker was trying to achieve but one thing we can all agree on is that this car was an aesthetic crime. The car was first produced in 1998 and to this day, it is still being thrown onto the streets.

5. Weber Sportscars aka ‘Faster One’

2008 Weber Sportscars Faster One Most Ugly Cars in The World


The Weber Sportscars was nicknamed the Faster One. But an even more apt name would have been ‘the ugly one’ because it really was hideous. This was Switzerland’s attempt to dethrone the Veyron as the fastest street legal car in 2008. The result? A fast assault to the eye! What makes this car unforgivable is that unlike some entries on the list, this blunder was made in 2008 when there was so much automotive enlightenment. The same can be said of the next pic. You have never seen anything uglier!

3. Citroën Ami

Most Ugly Cars in The World Ugly


When you think of France, fine taste in wine, perfume, and fashion come to mind. Unfortunately, one of their cars happens to be on the list, and it really is ugly. It was in 1961 when the world first saw the oversized headlamps and a strange new body shape called the notchback. It is the reverse of a hatchback and that gave it a really unattractive appearance and crappy aerodynamics. This one was fighting for 2nd place with the next one.

2. Fiat Multipla

Most Ugly Cars in The World Fiat Multipa


The Fiat Multipla is really an overdose of ugly. Even if the goal was to design the ugliest car ever, no one would manage to create such an atrocity. The car was really terrible when it was first built but it got a little better towards the final production years. The model’s hideous reign started in 1998. In 2010, the Italian car maker decided that people’s eye had been assaulted enough and shut the line down. Today, remnants of the car still haunt the streets. The next one, however, is the finest example of an ugly car!

1. The Aurora

Most Ugly Cars in The World Aurora


One fine day in 1957, a priest woke up and after reflecting upon the death toll resulting from car accidents, he decided to save the world. He had a brilliant idea. He was going to build the world’s safest car. He did, and the result was the Aurora. We are not sure how safe it was but it was astonishingly ugly.

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