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S1=Seiri=Sort=Clear up

“Separate things which you need from things you don’t need

Table 1. Check results for step S1

# Yes No Check list for step S1
1     Are there any useless things that can bother your work environment?
2     Are there any useless raw materials, semi-finished products and/or waste left as is, nearby workplace?
3     Are there any tools, spare parts, materials left on the floor, nearby equipment?
4     Are all frequently used objects sorted, arranged, stored and labeled?
5     Are all measurement instruments/devices sorted, arranged, stored and labeled?
6     Does the inventory or in-process inventory include any unneeded materials or parts?
 7     Are there any unused machines or other equipment around?
8     Are there any unused jigs, tools, dies or similar items around?
9     Is it obvious which items have been marked as unnecessary?
10     Has establishing the 5S’s left behind any useless standards?

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