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You might have visualized a world with super-intelligent robots but later dismissed the idea. Well, this may eventually come to pass with the push for singularity becoming real as Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son predicting this occurrence by 2047.

The announcement was made during the Future Investment Initiative hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where the launch of a robot kid-Sophia was also unveiledThe friendly robot wowed the audience with its super wits.

“I predict 30 years from now, we will have 10 billion population of smart robots,” said Son. Softbank has further invested £75billion ($100billion) to develop chips with high IQ levels and in companies working on artificial intelligence that will be achieved in the next five years.

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Singularity refers to a period in future where artificial intelligence overshadows the combined human intelligence. It seems that Son is foreseeing a revolution in the tech world as he focuses on pushing for advanced machine learning robots. This may also lead to more sentient robots than humans.

Obsessed with technological singularity

According to Son, the AI-driven gadgets will have an IQ 10,000 times higher than that of man which is between 100 and 200. Currently, Mensa recruits members with an IQ of 130 and above. Furthermore, the CEO of Softbank is optimistic about singularity as he sees it as a venue that presents an enormous opportunity. This implies that no matter the technological advancements been pushed humans will always remain upfront when it comes to imagination.

Softbank already has its own robot dubbed ‘Pepper’ with the ability to detect and interpret human emotion. Commenting on what the future will look like, Mr. Son said, “Thirty years from now, they (mankind) are going to learn by themselves, they are maybe going to laugh at you and us.”

The tech giant is also driven by the notion of the brain having no limit and expansion of its activities. “If you have to envision, 10 years or 30 years later, at least some humans will have a better imagination than them,” claimed Son.

Source: Financial Tribune

Well, Mr. Son isn’t the only one thrilled by the shift to AI as companies such as Microsoft and Google heavily investing in the technology. Apart from being a technological advancement, integration of AI will bring more wealth as envisioned by Mark Cuban.

Humankind is under threat

Despite the staunch support for singularity by the likes of Mr.Son, there are those opposed to the ideaThis includes technology experts Bill gates, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, and physicist Stephen Hawkins who foresee the threat imposed by a singularity. Musk goes a step further to counteract the shift to humanoid gadgets by investing in technology that uplifts human survival.

To some extent, the scenario of having robots replacing humans is not farfetched as singularity will definitely lead to the loss of many jobs. As of now, there are humanoid robots that are brilliant than humans in various fields.

Source: The Cryptosphere

The prediction game on when machine learning shall overpass human intelligence has also presented the opportunity for experts to give their contribution. Mr. Son’s prediction comes close to that of Google’s engineer Ray Kurzweil who sees this taking place by 2045. Kurzwell is convinced in an environment where artificial intelligence is super smart and will replicate in higher IQ levels among people.

Acquisition of AI firms

In the push for singularity, the founder of Softbank boughtUK based company- ARM– some time back with the aim of linking AI chips to the infrastructure. The move will aid the company to spearhead the paradigm shift, that is, singularity. So far Softbank has invested in Fetch Robotics, Honda and IBM Watson.

The company is also keen on striking deals with ride-sharing companies such as Uber to benefit from funding the self-driving technology.

Anyhow, will have to wait and see the pace at which singularity will become a reality or the possibility of its ‘disappearance’.


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