Additives: New spacer technology for paints and coatings




The manufacturing of coatings in most cases requires numerous dispersion additives for pigment stabilisation. This often makes the formulations highly complex and raises the cost of the product.

Plus, using many additives might result in negative side effects that have to be managed in the formulation. Therefore, a challenge is to achieve pigment stabilisation while drastically reducing the concentration of organic additives in the product. At the European Coatings Future Dialogue, Dr Michael Steiner of Hemmelrath Nanotechnologies will present on their approach. The company has developed an inorganic additive, a low-viscous dispersion of electrosterically stabilised nano barium sulfate. The particles move between pigments as spacers, physically preventing pigment particles from sedimentation and agglomeration. The production can be simplified, and costs are able to be reduced. The company says that the product makes it possible to use about less 90 % of reduced steric additives. The product a nano-dispersion additive for water-based paint and coating systems.

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