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#1. In the United States, the paint and coatings industry generate about $28 billion in revenue annually. From 2012-2017, the industry achieved an annual growth rate of 1.3%. (IBIS World)

#2. More than 2,700 businesses are currently active in the U.S. paint and coatings industry. Combined, these businesses employ nearly 40,000 people with direct opportunities. (IBIS World)

Paint and Coatings Industry Statistics in the United States

#3. About 45% of the paint and coatings products that are manufactured in the world today are used to protect and decorate new construction or renovate existing structures. (IHS Markit)

#4. 40% of the paint and coatings manufacturing is used to protect or decorate industrial products, classified as a “product finish.” (IHS Markit)

#5. In total volume, the APAC region has the highest demand levels for paint and coatings, accounting for 55% of the global market. (IHS Markit)

#6. Growth for the paint and coatings market in the United States is forecast to be 3% annually through 2021. That is better than Western Europe (2%), but much lower than China (7%) and India (6.6%). (IHS Markit)

#7. In 2016, the global paint and coatings industry market size was estimated at 43.4 million tons. The largest segment of this market is waterborne coatings, followed by powder coatings. Solvent-borne coatings and high solids are the other two major segments of the industry. (Grand View Research, Inc.)

#8. The total value of the global paint and coatings market is forecast to be $227.7 billion by the year 2025. That represents a forecast CAGR of 5.3% (Grand View Research, Inc.)

#9. The 5 largest companies in the paint and coatings industry account for about 40% of the total market share. Included are brands like Sherwin Williams, Nippon Paints, and RPM International. (Mordor Intelligence)

#10. In 2015, the paint and coatings industry shipped more than $11.2 billion in architectural coatings from the U.S. sector of the industry. (American Coatings Association)

Paint and Coatings Industry Statistics Forecast by Market

#11. The paint and coatings industry in the United States is responsible for the direct employment of over 278,000 workers. (American Coatings Association)

#12. In 2015, the U.S. paint and coatings industry sold $7.8 billion of industrial coatings to customer industries. (American Coatings Association)

#13. The automotive refinish coatings segment of the industry is the largest in the U.S., bringing with it a value of $2 billion from 2014 data. (American Coatings Association)

#14. Traffic marking paint, used on roadway, lots, and aircraft surfaces, had a value of $454 million in 2014. (American Coatings Association)

#15. In 2015, the U.S. paint and coatings industry shipped $5.6 billion in special purpose coatings to be used in factory settings. (American Coatings Association)

#16. The total output value of the APAC region for the paint and coatings industry is $394.79 billion, or 37% of the total market. Europe has an output value of $320.1 billion, while North America has $213.4 billion in output value. (Painting Pro Times)

#17. The market value of the paints and coatings industry is forecast to become $209.4 billion by 2022. In 2017, the reported market value of the industry was $160.54 billion. (Statista)

#18. The marine coating sub-segment of the special coatings market for the industry is expected to have an estimated value of $15 billion by the year 2024. (Coatings World)

#19. In 2013, the total sales of paint and coatings in the Asia-Pacific region were $56.2 billion. This was on about 18.5 billion liters of product. This represents a 9.8% annual increase for volume and a 10% annual increase for value since 2018. (Coatings World)

#20. India and China represent about 75% of the total paint and coatings market in the APAC region. (Coatings World)

Paint and Coatings Industry Statistics Worldwide by Manufacturer

#21. The estimated value for the APAC region is $80.4 billion, on a volume of 24.8 million liters. (Coatings World)

#22. By itself, China accounts for 58% of the volume sold in the APAC region and 56% of the value the paint and coatings industry is able to achieve. (Coatings World)

#23. Since 2008, the growth of the Chinese market has been over 5.6 billion liters since 2008. (Coatings World)

#24. New Zealand and Australia are considered mature markets for the industry, with negative coatings growth in volume experienced from 2008-2013. The value of the industry is forecast to grow to $1.25 billion in 2017, or about 3.2% annually.

#25. There is an estimated $10 billion demand for paint and coatings in the Latin American market. Regional expansion of about 1% is anticipated within this region. (Coatings World)

#26. Only Mexico, Chile, Panama Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, and the Caribbean are expected to see growth rates that are 0.2% or larger for the industry. Mexico is the strongest market, with a possible annual growth rate of over 3%. (Coatings World)

#27. 60% of the market share in Latin America for premium coatings is held by the brand name Suvinil, which is owned by BASF> It is produced in two Brazilian factories and exported to Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Bolivia. (Coatings World)

Paint and Coatings Industry Trends and Analysis

There are two key areas that must work together for the global paint and coatings industry to continue its record of growth. In Europe and the United States, there must be consistent growth within each economy annually. When these two markets enter a period of recession or GDP growth of under 1%, then the paint and coatings industry will see lower revenues.

China and India must continue to see explosive growth in their industrial sectors to achieve the forecasts as well. This can be accomplished in China by continuing to allow free market reforms to take place. In India, continued support of a Middle Class and stronger wages in medium-skill sectors is necessary.

Growth in the Middle East may be able to supplement shortfalls in these established markets. A forecast 5% growth rate in Iran and Saudi Arabia are encouraging for the global industry.

As long as we have products to use, we will need paint and coatings to protect it. This industry is not going anywhere. It is the level of success it can achieve that we must evaluate.

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