PRE-RINSE UNITS for Pharmaceutical Plants


Anti Microbial Dual feed fascia mounted pre-rinse


• Chrome plated
• Saniguard hygienic coating – stops transfer of bacteria
• Minimum 1.3bar water pressure required
• Riser feed pipe/bracket
• Fascia mounted
• Riser support spring
• Hose
• Water spray head

Stainless steel one station knee operated wash trough

Our one station wash trough is manufactured in fully welded 304 grade stainless steel, giving you peace of mind that the product ticks the hygienic boxes. Choose either wall mounted or pedestal fixed depending on your requirements. Moreover, the knee flap design and its operation allows the user greater control over the flow of water so it is so easy to use!

The new design sees the spout being lowered which reduces the likelihood of the user being splashed and the trough has been sloped to allow for self draining. Our compact new design still retains the same hand wash area, but is now only 405mm wide. Even more features to improve hygiene have been added, including no screw exposure and a change in the knee operation to reduce dirt retaining crevices.

The One Station Wash Trough with Knee Operation has overall dimensions of 405mm wide x 373mm deep x 525mm high. The bowl itself is 400mm wide by 283mm high with a depth of 123mm.

Dimensions (W x D x H unless stated)
Overall: 405 x 373 x 525mm
Bowl size: 400 x 283mm
Bowl depth: 123mm
Waste outlet: 32mm

• Fully welded 304 grade stainless steel
• Brushed dull polish finish
• Knee paddle for ease of operation & valve control
• Trough is sloped for self-draining to 32mm waste
• Lowered spout to reduce splashing- splash back stays the same size for those customers who require a soap dispenser fitted
• Our new wash trough is more compact (405mm wide instead of 500mm) but retains the same hand wash area

Improved hygienic design:
• Secret fixing at the top so no exposed screws
• Reduction in horizontal surfaces
• Knee operation redesigned to reduce crevices


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