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Industrial Management Consulting

Pharmaceutical Coating Equipment and Pelletizers

Pharmaceutical Coating EquipmentNicomac is the answer to your tablet coating project needs. Our drum coating, using the unique Blow Master is able to perform a high quality coating. Nicomac is a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical production equipment as tablet coating pelletizing machines and pharmaceutical laboratory equipment. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment combines the need for a flexible solution with HIGH CAPACITY and high performance and low utilities consumption. Our equipment are LEI Low Environmental Impact , in accordance to cGMP, with PLC –PC control system and provide high reliability. Our systems are able to work any kind of shape of cores, tablets, pellets and any kind of process as Eudragit NE 30 D pellet coating , Eudragit L30 D55 enteric coating , Eudragit RL control release , Opadry, Ssepic, Hhpm606 for tablet sugar coating and so on. Nicomac, market leader in coating process equipment will be your preferred partner for: Pharmaceutical coating projects Pelletizing machines & machinery Film coating machinery in pharmaceuticals Sugar coating machinery in pharmaceuticals Automatic powder dosing and powder layering for all our coating equipment is available.

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