Cleanroom drainage

Industrial Management Consulting
Industrial Management Consulting

BLÜCHER®stainless steel drains and channels

BLÜCHER offers a wide range of standard floor drains and channels or where required, customised
products to suit the clients requirements. Every care has been taken to develop products requiring
minimum maintenance whilst offering excellent hygienic properties and high flow capacities such
as the BLÜCHER water trap which can be easily removed for cleaning and inspection.

Included in our range of drains and channels specifically suitable for the biotech and pharma
industry are:
• Clean-room floor drain with gas-tight cover
• Flushing-rim drain
• Dual-contained drains and channels
• Drains with ANSI Pipe outlets
As part of the modular BLÜCHER® drainage system, the outlets of the drains connect directly to the
BLÜCHER EuroPipe® drainage pipework system.



The KVCRP365/4INCH is a sealed cleanroom gully which can be opened remotely, in the event of an immediate requirement.  This gully was designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical sector and is in use in Ireland, UK and Belgium.  The pneumatic cylinder is highly corrosive and acid resistant. When connected to the in-house air supply system each gully can be opened by a local rotary switch on the wall, or from a remote location.  The opening can also be activated by connection to the sprinkler system by means of a sensor.

This gully can be used in heavy duty traffic areas & has a high flow rate.  It is perfect for areas with power hose wash down times at the end of a production shift.

Recommended For:

  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical Labs
  • Meat factories


Easy Drain – Height adjustable Siphon (English)




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