Unsaturated polyester-nanoclay nanocomposite coatings for corrosion protection


In a recently published study unsaturated polyester-nanoclay nanocomposite coatings showed an effective corrosion protection of steel.

Polymeric composites are widely used to control the corrosion of metal surfaces. Various types of polymer nanocomposites provide better corrosion protection than the neat resins. A recently published paper aims at reviewing some of the protective properties of Tunisian clay (montmorillonite-MMT)/unsaturated polyester (UP/MMT) in 3.5% NaCl.

Corrosion performance

The spin coating technique is applied on metals deposited on a stainless steel surface. The samples are characterized with XRD, TEM and SEM methods. The corrosion performance was estimated by using open circuit potential, polarization measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The UP/OMMT nanocomposites showed the best corrosion protection performance.

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