Guidelines for Dietary Supplements and Botanicals – PDF Download

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Because of the time and expense required for the determination of modern analytes such as pesticide residues, industrial contaminants, veterinary drugs, allergens, botanicals, dietary supplements, and alternative medicines in complex matrices, there is considerable interest in obtaining acceptable methods of analysis faster and cheaper. It has been suggested that accreditation of laboratories, internal quality control, and external profi ciency exercises can improve laboratory performance to the point where interlaboratory validation is no longer an absolute necessity. To this end AOAC INTERNATIONAL has been exploring alternatives to the full interlaboratory study design that requires the examination of a minimum of fi ve matrices by eight laboratories (see under method validation programs). These have included “minicollaborative” studies that reduced the required number of matrices and laboratories, the “Peer-Verifi ed Methods Program,” which merely required verifi cation of the analytical parameters by a second laboratory, “Performance Tested MethodsSM” for test kits, the developing e-CAM compiling program (www.AOAC. org/AOAC_e-CAM.pdf), and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) sanctioned single-laboratory validation (SLV) protocol [Pure & Appl. Chem. 74(5), 835– 855(2002)].


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