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Manostaxx - Industrial Management Consulting
Manostaxx – Industrial Management Consulting


New management directions address solutions that take into account the strategic
determinants of today’s economy. Organizations that want to function effectively in today’s
environment must strive to improve their effectiveness. The dynamic economic changes
observed over the past few years have been a challenge for the development and operation of
companies. Such changes are increasingly difficult to predict and determine their chakra rate
of change and scale of influence, as well as the relationship to existing processes. Uncertainty
and risk management activities require entrepreneurs to demonstrate a strategic approach and
to seek optimal solutions, and develop their own action plans that take into account current
and anticipated environmental configurations. Strategic management should contribute to
market success with high turbulence. [1] It is a versatile, multidisciplinary, multifaceted and
multifaceted process of formulating a strategy that in the long run leads to growth of the company, utilizing potential opportunities and avoiding hazards. The discipline of strategic management has been developed in response to the needs of large enterprises, especially the largest corporations.

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