Crosslinkable acrylic-melamine latex

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A recently published paper deals with the incorporation of a melamine-formaldehyde resin intoacrylic nanoparticles by miniemulsion polymerization.

Nowadays, crosslinkable polymers are highly demanded in applications where improved thermal, mechanical, and chemical strengths are required. Among crosslinkable polymers, those with film forming capability (e.g., coatings and adhesives) are of particular interest. A new work investigated the miniemulsion polymerization of various acrylicmonomer formulations in the presence of an iso-butylated melamine-formaldehyderesin with the aim of obtaining waterborne nanocomposites with controlled crosslinkable capabilities.

Variable post-crosslinking capabilities

Variation of the acrylic monomer formulation showed a significant influence on the degree of crosslinking, and consequently, on the final properties of the acrylic/melamine nanocomposite particles, their coalesced films at room temperature and those cured at high temperature. Thereafter, these results offer the opportunity of obtaining waterborne acrylic/melamine nanocomposites with different post-crosslinking capabilities.

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